Inheritance diagram of TaurusPollingTimer
class TaurusPollingTimer(period, parent=None)[source]

Bases: taurus.core.util.log.Logger

Polling timer manages a list of attributes that have to be polled in the same period

addAttribute(attribute, auto_start=True)[source]

Registers the attribute in this polling.

  • attribute (TaurusAttribute) – the attribute to be added
  • auto_start (bool) – if True (default) it tells the polling timer that it should startup as soon as there is at least one attribute registered.

Determines if the polling timer already contains this attribute

Parameters:attribute (TaurusAttribute) – the attribute
Return type:bool
Returns:True if the attribute is registered for polling or False otherwise

Returns the number of attributes registered for polling

Return type:int
Returns:the number of attributes registered for polling

Unregisters the attribute from this polling. If the number of registered attributes decreses to 0 the polling is stopped automatically in order to save resources.

Parameters:attribute (TaurusAttribute) – the attribute to be added

Starts the polling timer


Stop the polling timer