This package consists of a collection of useful classes and functions. Most of the elements are taurus independent and can be used generically.

This module contains a python implementation of json. This was done because json only became part of python since version 2.6. The json implementation follows the rule:

  1. if python >= 2.6 use standard json from python distribution
  2. otherwise use private implementation distributed with taurus




CallableRef(object, del_cb=None)[source]

This function returns a callable weak reference to a callable object. Object can be a callable object, a function or a method.

  • object (callable object) – a callable object
  • del_cb (callable object or None) – calback function. Default is None meaning to callback.

a weak reference for the given callable

Return type:

BoundMethodWeakref or weakref.ref

critical(msg, *args, **kw)[source]
debug(msg, *args, **kw)[source]
deprecated(*args, **kw)[source]
deprecation_decorator(func=None, alt=None, rel=None, dbg_msg=None)[source]

decorator to mark methods as deprecated


Translates a sequence into a dictionary by converting each to elements of the sequence (k,v) into a k:v pair in the dictionary

Parameters:seq (sequence) – any sequence object
Return type:dict
Returns:dictionary built from the given sequence
error(msg, *args, **kw)[source]
fatal(msg, *args, **kw)[source]

This method will print a recursive dict in a tree-like shape:

>>> print(getDictAsTree({'A':{'B':[1,2],'C':[3]}}))

Finds out user inf (currently just the logged user name) for Windows and Posix machines. sets a USER_NAME variable containing the logged user name defines a UNKNOWN_USER variable to which username falls back.

Return type:str
Returns:current user name
info(msg, *args, **kw)[source]

Decorator to simplify the use of property. Like @property for attrs who need more than a getter. For getter only property use @property.

adapted from http://code.activestate.com/recipes/502243/

self_locked(func, reentrant=True)[source]

Decorator to make thread-safe class members Decorator to create thread-safe objects.


  • With Lock() this decorator should not be used to decorate nested functions; it will cause Deadlock!
  • With RLock this problem is avoided ... but you should rely more on python threading
trace(msg, *args, **kw)[source]
warning(msg, *args, **kw)[source]