Inheritance diagram of AttributeEventWait
class AttributeEventWait(attr=None)[source]

Bases: future.types.newobject.newobject

Class designed to connect to a taurus.core.taurusattribute.TaurusAttribute and fire events or wait for a certain event.


Clears the internal event buffer


Connect to the given attribute :param attr: the attribute to connect to :type attr: taurus.core.taurusattribute.TaurusAttribute


Disconnects from the attribute. If not connected nothing happens.

eventReceived(s, t, v)[source]

Event listener method for the underlying attribute. Do not call this method. It will be called internally when the attribute generates an event.


Notifies that a given event has arrived This function is protected inside with the object’s lock. Do NOT call this function when you have the lock acquired on this object.

Parameters:v (object) – event value

returns the value of the last recorded event or None if no event has been received or the last event was an error event

Returns:the last event value to be recorded
Return type:object

Returns the the recorded local timestamp for the event with the given value or None if no event with the given value has been recorded.

Parameters:v (object) – event value
Returns:local timestamp for the event or None if no event has been recorded
Return type:float

Returns a reference to the internal dictionary used to store the internal events. Modify the return dictionary at your own risk!

Returns:reference to the internal event dictionary
Return type:dict

Locks this event listener


Unocks this event listener

waitEvent(val, after=0, equal=True, timeout=None, retries=-1, any=False)[source]

Wait for an event with the given value.

  • val (object) – value to compare
  • after (float) – timestamp. wait for events comming after the given time. default value is 0 meaning any event after Jan 1, 1970
  • equal (bool) – compare for equality. equal=True means an event with the given value, equal=False means any event which as a different value
  • timeout (float) – maximum time to wait (seconds). Default is None meaning wait forever.
  • retries – number of maximum retries of max timeout to attempts. Default is -1 meaning infinite number of retries. 0 means no wait. Positive number is obvious.
  • any (bool) – if any is True ignore ‘val’ parameter and accept any event. If False (default),check with given ‘val’ parameter