Inheritance diagram of TaurusApplication
class TaurusApplication(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: PyQt4.QtGui.QApplication, taurus.core.util.log.Logger

A QApplication that additionally parses the command line looking for taurus options. This is done using the taurus.core.util.argparse. To create a TaurusApplication object you should use the same parameters as in QApplication.

The optional keyword parameters:
  • app_name: (str) application name
  • app_version: (str) application version
  • org_name: (str) organization name
  • org_domain: (str) organization domain

...And at last the ‘cmd_line_parser’ which should be an instance of optparse.OptionParser. Simple example:

import sys
import taurus.qt.qtgui.application
import taurus.qt.qtgui.display

app = taurus.qt.qtgui.application.TaurusApplication()

w = taurus.qt.qtgui.display.TaurusLabel()
w.model = 'sys/tg_test/1/double_scalar'


A more complex example showing how to add options and a usage help:

import sys
import taurus.core.util.argparse
import taurus.qt.qtgui.application
import taurus.qt.qtgui.display

parser = taurus.core.util.argparse.get_taurus_parser()
parser.usage = "%prog [options] <model>"

app = taurus.qt.qtgui.application.TaurusApplication(cmd_line_parser=parser)
args = app.get_command_line_args()
if len(args) < 1:
    sys.stderr.write("Need to supply model attribute")

w = taurus.qt.qtgui.display.TaurusLabel()
w.model = args[1]


For more details on taurus command line parsing check taurus.core.util.argparse.

basicConfig(log_file_name=None, maxBytes=10000000.0, backupCount=5, with_gui_exc_handler=True)[source]
static exec_(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Returns the list of arguments that resulted from parsing the command line parameters.

Returns:the command line arguments
Return type:list of strings

Returns the optparse.Option that resulted from parsing the command line parameters.

Returns:the command line options
Return type:optparse.Option

Returns the optparse.OptionParser used to parse the command line parameters.

Returns:the parser used in the command line
Return type:optparse.OptionParser

Sets taurus application style to the given style name

Parameters:styleName (str) – the new style name to be applied