Inheritance diagram of DefaultLabelWidget
class DefaultLabelWidget(*args)[source]

Bases: taurus.qt.qtgui.display.tauruslabel.TaurusLabel

The base class used by default for showing the label of a TaurusValue.


It only makes sense to use this class as a part of a TaurusValue, since it assumes that it can get a reference to a TaurusValue via the getTaurusValueBuddy() member


The label widget will be used for handling the actions of the whole TaurusValue

see QWidget.contextMenuEvent()

getDisplayValue(cache=True, fragmentName=None)[source]

Reimplementation of getDisplayValue


reimplemented to use the taurusValueBuddy model instead of its own model

classmethod getQtDesignerPluginInfo()[source]

Returns pertinent information in order to be able to build a valid QtDesigner widget plugin.

The dictionary returned by this method should contain at least the following keys and values:

  • ‘module’ : a string representing the full python module name (ex.: ‘taurus.qt.qtgui.base’)

  • ‘icon’ : a string representing valid resource icon (ex.: ‘designer:combobox.png’)

  • ‘container’ : a bool telling if this widget is a container widget or not.

This default implementation returns the following dictionary:

{ 'group'     : 'Taurus [Unclassified]',
  'icon'      : 'logos:taurus.png',
  'container' : False }
Return type



a map with pertinent designer information


Sets/unsets the model name for this component


model (str) – the new model name

sizeHint(self) → QSize[source]