Inheritance diagram of CurvePropertiesView
class CurvePropertiesView(parent=None, designMode=False)[source]

Bases: PyQt4.QtGui.QAbstractItemView

This widget is a view on a CurvesTableModel. It displays and allows to change the properties of selected curve(s). Note that this widget does not allow to change selection by itself, but rather relies on some other view on the same model (like a QTableView) to alter the selection.


blocks/unblocks the signals from all the properties controls

Parameters:block (bool) – If True, signals are blocked. If False they are unblocked
dataChanged(topleft, bottomright)[source]

Reimplemented. See Qt.QAbstractItemView.dataChanged()


Returns a copy of the currently shown properties

Return type:CurveAppearanceProperties
horizontalOffset(*args, **kwargs)[source]

dummy reimplementation

indexAt(*args, **kwargs)[source]

dummy reimplementation

loadUi(filename=None, path=None)

slot called whenever one of the controls is changed

scrollTo(*args, **kwargs)[source]

dummy reimplementation

selectionChanged(selected, deselected)[source]

Reimplemented. See Qt.QAbstractItemView.selectionChanged()

showProperties(prop, blockSignals=True)[source]

Updates the control widgets to show the given properties.

..note:: that the signals of the controls may be temporally blocked to
prevent loops. See the blockSignals parameter.
  • prop (CurveAppearanceProperties) – the properties object containing what should be shown. If a given property is set to None, the corresponding widget will show a “neutral” display
  • blockSignals (bool) – If True (default) the signals of the control widgets are blocked while updating them to avoid loops.

Updates the state of the properties controls to reflect the selection

verticalOffset(*args, **kwargs)[source]

dummy reimplementation

visualRect(*args, **kwargs)[source]

dummy reimplementation

visualRegionForSelection(*args, **kwargs)[source]

dummy reimplementation