Inheritance diagram of CurveAppearanceProperties
class CurveAppearanceProperties(sStyle=None, sSize=None, sColor=None, sFill=None, lStyle=None, lWidth=None, lColor=None, cStyle=None, yAxis=None, cFill=None, title=None, visible=None)[source]

Bases: future.types.newobject.newobject

An object describing the appearance of a TaurusCurve


applies the current properties to a given curve If a property is set to None, it is not applied to the curve

conflictsWith(other, strict=True)[source]

returns a list of attribute names that are in conflict between this self and other

static inConflict_none(a, b)[source]

In case of conflict, returns None

static inConflict_update_a(a, b)[source]

This function can be passed to CurvesAppearance.merge() if one wants to update prop1 with prop2 except for those attributes of prop2 that are set to None

classmethod merge(plist, attributes=None, conflict=None)[source]

returns a CurveAppearanceProperties object formed by merging a list of other CurveAppearanceProperties objects

Note: This is a class method, so it can be called without previously instantiating an object

  • plist (sequence <CurveAppearanceProperties>) – objects to be merged
  • attributes (sequence <str>) – the name of the attributes to consider for the merge. If None, all the attributes will be merged
  • conflict (callable) – a function that takes 2 objects (having a different attribute)and returns a value that solves the conflict. If None is given, any conflicting attribute will be set to None.
Return type:



merged properties