Inheritance diagram of DynamicPlotManager
class DynamicPlotManager(parent=None)[source]

Bases: PyQt4.QtCore.QObject, taurus.qt.qtgui.base.taurusbase.TaurusBaseComponent

This is a manager of plots related to the execution of macros. It dynamically creates/removes plots according to the configuration made by an ExperimentConfiguration widget.

Currently it supports only 1D scan trends (2D scans are only half-baked)

To use it simply instantiate it and pass it a door name as a model. You may want to call onExpConfChanged() to update the configuration being used.

createPanel(widget, name, **kwargs)[source]

Creates a “panel” from a widget. In this basic implementation this means that the widgets is shown as a non-modal top window

  • widget (QWidget) – widget to be used for the panel
  • name (str) – name of the panel. Must be unique.

Note: for backawards compatibility, this implementation accepts arbitrary keyword arguments which are just ignored


Returns the widget associated to a panel name

Parameters:name (str) – name of the panel. KeyError is raised if not found
Return type:QWidget

Slot to be called when experimental configuration changes. It should remove the temporary panels and create the new ones needed.

Parameters:expconf (dict) – An Experiment Description dictionary. See sardana.taurus.qt.qtcore.tango.sardana. QDoor.getExperimentDescription() for more details

stop managing the given panel

Parameters:name (str) – name of the panel

removes panels.

Parameters:names (seq <str>) – names of the panels to be removed. If None is given (default), all the panels are removed.

reimplemented from TaurusBaseComponent()

Parameters:doorname (str) – device name corresponding to a Door device.