Inheritance diagram of PanelDescriptionWizard
class PanelDescriptionWizard(parent=None, designMode=False, gui=None, extraWidgets=None)[source]

Bases: PyQt4.QtGui.QWizard, taurus.qt.qtgui.base.taurusbase.TaurusBaseWidget

A wizard-style dialog for configuring a new TaurusGui panel. Use getDialog() for launching it

static getDialog(parent, extraWidgets=None)[source]

Static method for launching a new Dialog.

Parameters:parent – parent widget for the new dialog
Return type:tuple <PanelDescription, bool>
Returns:tuple of a description object and a state flag. The state is True if the dialog was accepted and False otherwise

returns a reference to the GUI to which the dialog is associated


Returns the panel description with the choices made so far

Return type:PanelDescription
Returns:the panel description

Sets the Panel description

Parameters:desc (PanelDescription) –