Inheritance diagram of EpicsAttributeNameValidator
class EpicsAttributeNameValidator(*p, **k)[source]

Bases: taurus.core.taurusvalidator.TaurusAttributeNameValidator

Validator for Epics attribute names. Apart from the standard named groups (scheme, authority, path, query and fragment), the following named groups are created:

  • attrname: attribute name (an epics PV name).

Note: brackets on the group name indicate that this group will only contain a value if the URI contains it.

authority = '//'
fragment = '[^# ]*'
getNames(fullname, factory=None, fragment=False)[source]

reimplemented from TaurusDeviceNameValidator

path = '(?P<attrname>[a-zA-Z0-9_\\-:;\\<\\>[\\.\\[\\]]+?(\\.(?P<_field>[A-Z]+))?)'
query = '(?!)'
scheme = '(ca|epics)'