Image’s interface

The TaurusImageDialog widget is a Taurus Widget for displaying image attributes from the control system. A contour plot is created from the values of the image attribute.


A TaurusImage widget displaying the sys/tg_test/1/long_image_ro attribute

Many tools may be available, such as:

  • zooming and panning
  • X/Y cross sections
  • Annotation tools (for creating labels, shapes,...)
  • add/delete images
  • ...


The TaurusImageDialog widget is provided by the taurus.qt.qtgui.extra_guiqwt module which depends on the guiqwt module being installed. If guiqwt is not installed, the image widget will not be available.

TaurusImageDialog as a stand-alone application

You may also use TaurusImageDialog as a stand-alone application for showing image attributes from the control system. You can launch the stand-alone Taurus Image with the following command:

taurusimage [options] <model>


-h, --help            show this help message and exit
--demo                show a demo of the widget
--version             show program's version number and exit

Taurus Options:
  Basic options present in any taurus application

                      taurus log level. Allowed values are (case
                      insensitive): critical, error, warning/warn, info,
                      debug, trace
                      taurus global polling period in milliseconds
                      taurus serialization mode. Allowed values are (case
                      insensitive): serial, concurrent (default)
                      Tango host name

The model is the name of a taurus image attribute