Taurus plotting guide

TL;DR: Use taurus_pyqtgraph

In taurus, the following dependencies are used for its various plotting widgets:

  • guiqwt: for TaurusImageDialog and TaurusTrend2DDialog implemented in taurus.qt.qtgui.extra_guiqwt. It does not depend at all of PyQwt5, and supports py3 and Qt5 so replacing it is not urgent (but still it should be eventually replaced by pyqtgraph-based widgets)

  • pyqtgraph: for TaurusPlot and TaurusTrend implementions provided by the taurus_pyqtgraph plugin. It supports py3 and Qt5 and is the replacement for all taurus plotting widgets (TEP17).

Note: v<5 provided PyQwt5-based implementations of TaurusPlot and TaurusTrend, but they are no longer included since they only work with py2

Tips for Getting started with taurus_pyqtgraph

  1. install the plugin (the module will be installed as taurus_pyqtgraph and at the same time will be available as taurus.qt.qtgui.tpg)

  2. The philosophy is that you should use tpg as an extension to regular pyqtgraph widgets. Therefore you should read the official pyqtgraph docs , and also run the official demo with python -m pyqtgraph.examples

  3. taurus_pyqtgraph also has some examples. Have a look at them. Also have a look at the __main__ sections of the files in the taurus_pyqtgraph module

  4. See this tutorial.