Taurus Configuration Browser User’s Interface

Taurus provides an user interface for browsing TaurusMainWindow setting files (.ini files), allowing a power user to visualize and edit the different perspectives of a Taurus GUI. The configuration tree is organized in branches, with the perspective at the root.

Taurus Configuration Browser Application

You may browse the configuration of a TaurusMainWindow-based application (e.g. any TaurusGUI) by launching the taurus config application with the following command:

taurus config [<configuration.ini>]

Run the following command for more details:

taurus config --help

In the figure below the taurusconfigbrowser application shows a taurus configuration .ini file containing three perspectives: ‘LAST’, ‘second_perspective’ and ‘third_perspective’. ‘LAST’ is an special perspective automatically stored just before the closing of the Taurus GUI; it reflects the state of the GUI just before the last closing. The other two perspectives were saved explicitly during the Taurus GUI execution.


taurusconfigbrowser with a perspective unfolded to show the panel entries