Taurus colors

Taurus uses color codes on many of its widgets. Colors are used to represent two main things:

  • the state of a taurus device

  • the quality of (the reading of) an attribute.

Taurus Device state colors

Taurus Device states, as defined in taurus.core.TaurusDevState are represented by the following colors:

Taurus color guide
Colors for the Taurus Device States (scheme-agnostic)
ReadyGreen (0,255,0)Black (0,0,0)Ready
NotReadyRed (255,0,0)Black (0,0,0)NotReady
UndefinedGray (128,128,128)Black (0,0,0)Undefined

Taurus Attribute Value Quality colors

The quality of an attribute measures the reliability of the current read value for that attribute. The meanings of the qualities are:

  • Invalid: there was some problem when trying to read the attribute (the value should not be trusted)

  • Valid: the attribute was read correctly (no reason to suspect its value validity)

  • Alarm: the value is valid, but it exceeded its defined alarm limits

  • Warning: like Alarm but for the warning limits

  • Changing: the attribute was read correctly but it is being changed at the time of reading (so its value is likely to differ if re-read)

Taurus Attribute value qualities are represented by the following colors:

Taurus color guide
Colors for Taurus Attribute quality
InvalidGray (128,128,128)White (255,255,255)-----
ValidDead Frog Green (0,255,0)Black (0,0,0)10.89 mV
AlarmOrange (255,140,0)White (255,255,255)76.54 mV
WarningOrange (255,140,0)White (255,255,255)64.23 mV
ChangingLight Blue (128,160,255)Black (0,0,0)20.45 mV

Tango-specific Device state colors

Tango Device states are richer than the generic ones. The following is a table of the colors used to represent Tango-specific device states handled by the taurus.core.tango scheme:

Taurus color guide
color scheme for the State
OnDead Frog Green (0,255,0)Black (0,0,0)ON
OffWhite (255,255,255)Black (0,0,0)OFF
CloseWhite (255,255,255)Green (0,128,0)CLOSE
OpenDead Frog Green (0,255,0)Black (0,0,0)OPEN
InsertWhite (255,255,255)Black (0,0,0)INSERT
ExtractDead Frog Green (0,255,0)Black (0,0,0)EXTRACT
MovingLight Blue (128,160,255)Black (0,0,0)MOVING
StandbyYellow (255,255,0)Black (0,0,0)STANDBY
FaultRed (255,0,0)Black (0,0,0)FAULT
InitGrenoble (204,204,122)Black (0,0,0)INIT
RunningLight Blue (128,160,255)Black (0,0,0)RUNNING
AlarmOrange (255,140,0)White (255,255,255)ALARM
DisableMagenta (255,0,255)Black (0,0,0)DISABLE
UnknownGray (128,128,128)Black (0,0,0)UNKNOWN
Gray (128,128,128)Black (0,0,0)-----