TaurusModelChooser User’s Interface

The TaurusModelChooser is a tree based widget used by Taurus applications for prompting the user to choose one or more attribute/device names of the control system.


To select the attributes using TaurusModelChooser, you typically do the following:

  1. Browse the tree to locate the devices and/or attributes you are interested in.

  2. Now select one or more device/attributes (tip: you can use the CTRL key for multiple selection)

  3. Add them to the Chosen models list (the bottom part of the widget) by using the Add button (the “+” icon).

  4. Repeat previous steps if you want to add other models or use the Remove button (the “-” icon) to remove models from the Chosen models list.

  5. Click the Update Models button to apply the changes when satisfied.

Important: The tree can be quite dense. You can filter it by typing part of the device name in the Filter box (#4 in the figure).