Inheritance diagram of TaurusDevState
class TaurusDevState(value)[source]

Enumeration of possible states of taurus.core.TaurusDevice objects. This is returned, e.g. by TaurusDevice.state().

The description of the values of this enumeration is:

  • Ready: the device can be operated by the user and could even be involved in some operation.

  • NotReady: the device can not be operated by the user (e.g. due to still being initialized, or due to a device failure,…)

  • Undefined: it is not possible to retrieve a coherent state from the device (e.g. due to communication, or to contradictory internal states, …)

Import from taurus.core as:

from taurus.core import TaurusDevState
NotReady = 2
Ready = 1
Undefined = 4