The taurus.qt.qtcore.communication submodule. It contains non-gui components of taurus.qt


class DataModel(parent, dataUID, defaultData=None)[source]

An object containing one piece of data which is intended to be shared. The data will be identified by its UID (a unique identifier known to objects that intend to access the data)

In general, you are not supposed to instantiate objects of this class directly. Instead, you should interact via the SharedDataManager, which uses SharedDataManager.__getDataModel() to ensure that the DataModels are singletons.

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class SharedDataManager(parent)[source]

A Factory of DataModel objects. The __getDataModel() method ensures that the created DataModels are singletons. DataModels are not kept alive unless there at least some Reader or Writer registered to it (or another object referencing them)

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get_signal(obj, signalname)[source]

Return signal from object and signal name.