This package contains a collection of taurus Qt widgets that typically interact with the user. Examples are line edits, comboboxes and checkboxes


class GraphicalChoiceDlg(parent=None, designMode=False, choices=None, pixmaps=None, iconSize=128, defaultPixmap=None, horizontalScrollBarPolicy=0, verticalScrollBarPolicy=0)[source]

A generic dialog for choosing among a set of choices which are presented as an array of, each with a given pixmap.

The getChoice() static method is provided for convenience so that the dialog can be invoked wit a single line:

chosen,ok = GraphicalChoiceDlg.getChoice(
    parent, title, msg, choices, pixmaps, size, defpixmap,
    horizontalScrollBarPolicy, verticalScrollBarPolicy

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class GraphicalChoiceWidget(parent=None, designMode=False, choices=None, pixmaps=None, iconSize=128, defaultPixmap=None, horizontalScrollBarPolicy=0, verticalScrollBarPolicy=0)[source]

A widget that presents a 2D grid of buttons

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class QWheelEdit(parent=None)[source]

A widget designed to handle numeric scalar values. It allows interaction based on single digit as well as normal value edition.

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class TaurusAttrListComboBox(parent=None, designMode=False)[source]

Combobox whose items reflect the items read from a 1D attribute of dtype str

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class TaurusValueCheckBox(qt_parent=None, designMode=False)[source]

A QCheckBox connected to a boolean writable attribute model

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class TaurusValueComboBox(parent=None, designMode=False)[source]

This widget shows a combobox that offers a limited choice of values that can be set on an attribute.

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class TaurusValueLineEdit(qt_parent=None, designMode=False)[source]

A taurus-aware QLineEdit. It will display the value (or fragment of the value) referenced by its model. It is a TaurusBaseWritableWidget and as such it does not apply the changes straight away to the model (unless autoApply is enabled), but instead shows that there are pending operations which can be applied by pressing “ENTER”.

When used with numerical value Attributes as its model, it provides some extended behaviour:

  • It represents out-of-limit values using different colours (for warning, range, invalid,…)

  • It uses a validator that is range-aware

  • The mouse wheel and keyboard arrows can be enabled for doing value increments


when used with models whose value is a pint Quantity, the text is parsed by pint and therefore one can write e.g. 2 3 mm which is equivalent to 6 mm !

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class TaurusValueSpinBox(qt_parent=None, designMode=False)[source]

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class TaurusValueSpinBoxEx(qt_parent=None, designMode=False)[source]

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class TaurusWheelEdit(qt_parent=None, designMode=False)[source]

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