This package contains a collection of taurus widgets designed to display taurus information, typically in a read-only fashion (no user interaction is possible). Examples of widgets that suite this rule are labels, leds and LCDs


class Q7SegDigit(parent=None, **kwargs)[source]

A widget representing a single seven segment digit. The style can be configured through the widget properties. For example, a typical LCD would have the following style:

  • bgColor 170, 170, 127

  • ledOnPenColor 30,30,30

  • ledOnBgColor 0,0,0

  • ledOffPenColor 160, 160, 120

  • ledOffbgColor 150, 150, 112

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class QFallBackWidget(replaces=None, parent=None, *args, **kwargs)[source]

A FallBack widget to be used when a real widget cannot be loaded for any reason (example: a dependency library is not installed)

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class QLed(parent=None, designMode=False)[source]

A Led

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class QLogo(parent=None, designMode=False)[source]

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class QPixmapWidget(parent=None, designMode=False)[source]

This widget displays an image (pixmap). By default the pixmap is scaled to the widget size and the aspect ratio is kept. The default alignment of the pixmap inside the widget space is horizontal left, vertical center.

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class TaurusFallBackWidget(replaces=None, parent=None, *args, **kwargs)[source]

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class TaurusLabel(parent=None, designMode=False)[source]

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class TaurusLCD(parent=None, designMode=False)[source]

A Taurus-enabled Qt.QLCDNumber widget. Its text can represent either the rvalue or wvalue magnitude (or nothing), and the background can colour-code the attribute quality or the device state (or nothing)

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class TaurusLed(parent=None, designMode=False)[source]

A widget designed to represent with a LED image the state of a device, the value of a boolean attribute or the quality of an attribute.

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