class AttributeEventIterator(*attrs)[source]

Internal class. For test purposes

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class AttributeEventWait(attr=None)[source]

Class designed to connect to a taurus.core.taurusattribute.TaurusAttribute and fire events or wait for a certain event.

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class BoundMethodWeakref(bound_method, del_cb=None)[source]

This class represents a weak reference to a method of an object since weak references to methods don’t work by themselves

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class ConfigEventGenerator(name, events_active=True)[source]

Manage configuration events

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class EventGenerator(name, events_active=True)[source]

Base class capable of firing events

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class EventListener[source]

A class that listens for an event with a specific value

Note: Since this class stores for each event value the last timestamp when it occured, it should only be used for events for which the event value domain (possible values) is limited and well known (ex: an enum)

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class ListEventGenerator(name, events_active=True)[source]

Manage list events, detecting changes in the list

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CallableRef(object, del_cb=None)[source]

This function returns a callable weak reference to a callable object. Object can be a callable object, a function or a method.

  • object (callable object) – a callable object

  • del_cb (callable object or None) – calback function. Default is None meaning to callback.


a weak reference for the given callable

Return type:

taurus.core.util.BoundMethodWeakref or weakref.ref