Inheritance diagram of TaurusAuthorityNameValidator
class TaurusAuthorityNameValidator(*p, **k)[source]

Base class for Authority name validators. The namePattern will be composed from URI segments as follows:


Derived classes must provide attributes defining a regexp string for each URI segment (they can be empty strings):

  • scheme

  • authority

  • path

  • query

  • fragment

Import from taurus.core.taurusvalidator as:

from taurus.core.taurusvalidator import TaurusAuthorityNameValidator
getNames(name, factory=None)[source]

basic implementation for getNames for authorities. You may reimplement it in your scheme if required

pattern = '^(?P<scheme>%(scheme)s):(?P<authority>%(authority)s)((?=/)(?P<path>%(path)s))?(\\?(?P<query>%(query)s))?(#(?P<fragment>%(fragment)s))?$'