Inheritance diagram of TermColors
class TermColors[source]

Color escape sequences.

This class defines the escape sequences for all the standard (ANSI?) colors in terminals. Also defines a NoColor escape which is just the null string, suitable for defining ‘dummy’ color schemes in terminals which get confused by color escapes.

This class should be used as a mixin for building color schemes.

Basicaly this class is just a copy of IPython.ColorANSI.TermColors class

Import from taurus.core.util.console as:

from taurus.core.util.console import TermColors
Black = '\x1b[0;30m'
Blue = '\x1b[0;34m'
Brown = '\x1b[0;33m'
Cyan = '\x1b[0;36m'
DarkGray = '\x1b[1;30m'
Green = '\x1b[0;32m'
LightBlue = '\x1b[1;34m'
LightCyan = '\x1b[1;36m'
LightGray = '\x1b[0;37m'
LightGreen = '\x1b[1;32m'
LightPurple = '\x1b[1;35m'
LightRed = '\x1b[1;31m'
NoColor = ''
Normal = '\x1b[0m'
Purple = '\x1b[0;35m'
Red = '\x1b[0;31m'
White = '\x1b[1;37m'
Yellow = '\x1b[1;33m'