Inheritance diagram of TaurusPlotItemBuilder
class TaurusPlotItemBuilder(*args, **kwargs)[source]

extension of guiqwt.builder.PlotItemBuilder to provide tauruscurve and taurusimage items

Import from taurus.qt.qtgui.extra_guiqwt.builder as:

from taurus.qt.qtgui.extra_guiqwt.builder import TaurusPlotItemBuilder
image(taurusmodel=None, **kwargs)[source]

Extension to meth:guiqwt.builder.PlotItemBuilder.image to support passing a ‘taurusmodel’ as a keyword argument instead passing ‘data’ or ‘filename’.

pcurve(x, y, param, xaxis='bottom', yaxis='left')[source]

Extension to meth:guiqwt.builder.PlotItemBuilder.pcurve to support x and y being taurus attribute models instead of arrays, in which case, a TaurusCurveItem is returned. This method is called from curve()

Usage: pcurve(x, y, param)

rgbimage(taurusmodel=None, **kwargs)[source]

Make a RGB image plot item from data (guiqwt.image.RGBImageItem object)

set_curve_axes(*args, **kwargs)[source]
set_image_param(*args, **kwargs)[source]
set_param(*args, **kwargs)[source]
ttrend(model, taurusparam=None, title='', color=None, linestyle=None, linewidth=None, marker=None, markersize=None, markerfacecolor=None, markeredgecolor=None, shade=None, fitted=None, curvestyle=None, curvetype=None, baseline=None)[source]

Make a taurus trend item

Return (TaurusTrendItem):

xyimage(taurusmodel=None, **kwargs)[source]

Make an xyimage plot item (image with non-linear X/Y axes) from data (guiqwt.image.XYImageItem object)

  • x: 1D NumPy array (or tuple, list: will be converted to array)

  • y: 1D NumPy array (or tuple, list: will be converted to array

  • data: 2D NumPy array (image pixel data)

  • title: image title (optional)

  • interpolation: ‘nearest’, ‘linear’ (default), ‘antialiasing’ (5x5)