Inheritance diagram of TaurusBaseModelWidget
class TaurusBaseModelWidget(designMode=False)[source]

A class:taurus.qt.qtgui.base.TaurusBaseWidget that connects to a taurus model. It must be used together with class:~taurus.qt.qtgui.base.QBaseModelWidget

Import from taurus.qt.qtgui.model as:

from taurus.qt.qtgui.model import TaurusBaseModelWidget

This property holds the unique URI string representing the model name with which this widget will get its data from. The convention used for the string can be found here.

Access functions:

  • TaurusBaseWidget.getModel()

  • TaurusBaseWidget.setModel()

  • TaurusBaseWidget.resetModel()

See also

Model concept

setModel(m, **kwargs)[source]

Sets/unsets the model name for the given key. If key is MLIST, a model is set for each name in the model sequence, new model keys are automatically added to the object’s modelList attribute and the corresponding models are attached using those keys. The new keys are of the form (MLIST, i) where i is the index of the corresponding model name in the model sequence.

  • model (str (or sequence of str if key is MLIST)) – the new model name. If key is MLIST, model is expected to be a sequence of model names.

  • key (object) – the model key. Defaults to first element of .modelKeys