Inheritance diagram of QDataExportDialog
class QDataExportDialog(parent=None, datadict=None, sortedNames=None)[source]

This creates a Qt dialog for showing and exporting x-y Ascii data from one or more curves The data sets are passed (by calling setDataSets() or at instantiation time) as a dictionary:


where name is the curve name and x,y are iterable containers (e.g., lists, tuple, arrays…) of data to be exported

Import from taurus.qt.qtgui.panel as:

from taurus.qt.qtgui.panel import QDataExportDialog
allInMultipleFiles = 'All set in multiple files'
allInSingleFile = 'All sets in a single file (table like)'

Exports all sets using a common preffix and appending ‘XXX.dat’, where XXX is a number starting at 001 if preffix is not given, the user is prompted for a directory path

exportCurrentData(set=None, ofile=None, verbose=True, AllowCloseAfter=True)[source]

Exports data

  • set – the curve name. If none is passed, it uses the one selected by dataSetCB

  • ofile – output file name or file handle. It will prompt if not provided

  • verbose – set this to False to disable information popups

  • AllowCloseAfter – set this to false if you want to ignore the checkbox in the dialog

loadUi(filename=None, path=None)
setDataSets(datadict, sortedNames=None)[source]

Used to set the sets that are to be offered for exporting. It overwrites previous values.


update the text edit that shows the preview of the data