Inheritance diagram of TaurusDbTableWidget
class TaurusDbTableWidget(parent=None, designMode=False, with_filter_widget=True, perspective=None, proxy=None)[source]

A class:taurus.qt.qtgui.tree.TaurusBaseTableWidget that connects to a taurus.core.taurusauthority.TaurusAuthority model. It can show the list of database elements in two different perspectives:

  • device : a device list based perspective

  • server : a server list based perspective

Filters can be inserted into this widget to restrict the items that are seen.

Import from taurus.qt.qtgui.table as:

from taurus.qt.qtgui.table import TaurusDbTableWidget
DftPerspective = 3
KnownPerspectives = {3: {'icon': 'applications-system', 'label': 'Devices', 'model': [<class 'taurus.qt.qtcore.model.taurusdatabasemodel.TaurusDbDeviceProxyModel'>, <class 'taurus.qt.qtcore.model.taurusdatabasemodel.TaurusDbBaseModel'>], 'tooltip': 'View by device'}, 8: {'icon': 'application-x-executable', 'label': 'Servers', 'model': [<class 'taurus.qt.qtcore.model.taurusdatabasemodel.TaurusDbServerProxyModel'>, <class 'taurus.qt.qtcore.model.taurusdatabasemodel.TaurusDbPlainServerModel'>], 'tooltip': 'View by server'}}

Return the class object for the widget. Default behavior is to do a ‘best effort’ to determine which model type corresponds to the current model name. Overwrite as necessary.


key (object) – the model key. Defaults to first element of .modelKeys


The class object corresponding to the type of Taurus model this widget handles or None if no valid class is found.

Return type:

class TaurusModel or None

classmethod getQtDesignerPluginInfo()[source]

Returns pertinent information in order to be able to build a valid QtDesigner widget plugin.

The dictionary returned by this method should contain at least the following keys and values:

  • ‘module’ : a string representing the full python module name (ex.: ‘taurus.qt.qtgui.base’)

  • ‘icon’ : a string representing valid resource icon (ex.: ‘designer:combobox.png’)

  • ‘container’a bool telling if this widget is a container widget or


This default implementation returns the following dictionary:

{ 'group'     : 'Taurus [Unclassified]',
  'icon'      : 'logos:taurus.png',
  'container' : False }

a map with pertinent designer information

Return type:


sizeHint(self) QSize[source]