Inheritance diagram of TangoAuthorityNameValidator
class TangoAuthorityNameValidator(*p, **k)[source]

Validator for Tango authority names. Apart from the standard named groups (scheme, authority, path, query and fragment), the following named groups are created:

  • host: tango host name, without port.

  • port: port number

Import from taurus.core.tango.tangovalidator as:

from taurus.core.tango.tangovalidator import TangoAuthorityNameValidator
authority = '//(?P<host>([\\w\\-_]+\\.)*[\\w\\-_]+):(?P<port>\\d{1,5})'
default_scheme = 'tango'
fragment = '(?!)'
getUriGroups(name, strict=None)[source]

Reimplementation of getUriGroups to fix the host and authority name using fully qualified domain name for the host.

path = '(?!)'
query = '(?!)'
scheme = '(tango|tango-nodb)'