Inheritance diagram of TaurusDevice
class TaurusDevice(name='', **kw)[source]

A Device object. Different schemes may assign different roles, but in general it is a parent of Taurus Attribute objects and a child of a Taurus Authority

Import from taurus.core.taurusdevice as:

from taurus.core.taurusdevice import TaurusDevice
classmethod buildModelName(parent_model, relative_name)[source]

build an ‘absolute’ model name from the parent model and the ‘relative’ name.

  • If parent_model is a TaurusAuthority, the return is a composition of the authority model name and the device name

  • If parent_model is a TaurusDevice, the relative name is ignored and the parent name is returned

Note: This is a basic implementation. You may need to reimplement this

for a specific scheme if it supports “useParentModel”.

property description

A brief description of the model. Can be used as tooltip, for example.

classmethod getNameValidator()[source]
classmethod getTaurusElementType()[source]
poll(attrs, asynch=False, req_id=None)[source]

Polling certain attributes of the device. This default implementation simply polls each attribute one by one

property state

Returns a scheme-agnostic representation of the state of a Taurus device. This default implementation always returns TaurusDevState.Ready

Subclasses of TaurusDevice may reimplement it to return other taurus.core.TaurusDevState enumeration values.



Return type: