Inheritance diagram of DefaultLabelWidget
class DefaultLabelWidget(*args)[source]

The base class used by default for showing the label of a TaurusValue.


It only makes sense to use this class as a part of a TaurusValue, since it assumes that it can get a reference to a TaurusValue via the getTaurusValueBuddy() member

Import from taurus.qt.qtgui.panel as:

from taurus.qt.qtgui.panel import DefaultLabelWidget

The label widget will be used for handling the actions of the whole TaurusValue

see QWidget.contextMenuEvent()

getDisplayValue(cache=True, fragmentName=None, **kwargs)[source]

Reimplementation of getDisplayValue


reimplemented to use the taurusValueBuddy model instead of its own model

classmethod getQtDesignerPluginInfo()[source]

Returns pertinent information in order to be able to build a valid QtDesigner widget plugin.

The dictionary returned by this method should contain at least the following keys and values:

  • ‘module’ : a string representing the full python module name (ex.: ‘taurus.qt.qtgui.base’)

  • ‘icon’ : a string representing valid resource icon (ex.: ‘designer:combobox.png’)

  • ‘container’a bool telling if this widget is a container widget or


This default implementation returns the following dictionary:

{ 'group'     : 'Taurus [Unclassified]',
  'icon'      : 'logos:taurus.png',
  'container' : False }

a map with pertinent designer information

Return type:


setModel(model, **kwargs)[source]

Sets/unsets the model name for the given key. If key is MLIST, a model is set for each name in the model sequence, new model keys are automatically added to the object’s modelList attribute and the corresponding models are attached using those keys. The new keys are of the form (MLIST, i) where i is the index of the corresponding model name in the model sequence.

  • model (str (or sequence of str if key is MLIST)) – the new model name. If key is MLIST, model is expected to be a sequence of model names.

  • key (object) – the model key. Defaults to first element of .modelKeys

sizeHint(self) QSize[source]